Where the Jobs Will be for Women in 10 years


Work force projections for 2026 released by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) at the  end of October suggest jobs in health care, computer science and other areas that require mathematics and science skills will grow quickly over the next 10 years. Low-paying jobs in the service sector, such as those that involve waiting on tables or caring for the elderly also are expected to have significant growth.

It is the good paying jobs in the middle associated with manufacturing and those occupations that require less than a college degree which are particularly vulnerable. Many of the jobs in the service and administrative fields, like nurse assistants, secretaries, waitresses and executive assistants are expected to decline. Automation is contributing greatly to this trend.

The good news is that women are expected to continue to make gains in other fields that pay well, such as physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, software developers and mathematicians. Most pointedly, the projections make clear that the most robust job growth will be in fields that require a graduate or professional degree.

The projections by the BLS are released every two years. They do not address trends associated with the growing number of women entrepreneurs and small business owners. Even so, the information provided by the BLS is helpful in assisting women entrepreneurs in understanding where the best opportunities for employment and business enterprise will be.

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