Profiles in Courage: Top Podcasts for Women of Color

While Gil Scott-Heron astutely noted that the revolution will not be televised, the growing popularity of podcasts is creating new avenues of engagement for those involved with social justice.  For instance, an estimated 67 million people listen to podcasts monthly in the US.

According to research published by Edison Research and Triton, podcast usage has increased significantly since 2008, growing from 9 percent in 2008 to 24 percent in 2017.  Consumers ages 18 to 54 represent about 77 percent of the total number of podcast consumers. Typical podcast listeners have higher levels of education and income. The research also notes there are significant opportunities to tap into many underserved markets using spoken word technologies, including women, as consumer usage leans slightly toward male audiences.

XXTRA profiles 6 podcasts committed to sharing information relevant to women of color:  Native American Calling, On1 With Angela Rye, Confessions of Successful Asian Women; Crossroads with Roach Brown, Code Switch and Latino USA. The contents of each is described below.  The opinions and views expressed in these podcasts reflect those we are profiling and are not attributable to XXTRA. Click on image to listen to selected podcast.

podcast native america calling
Native America Calling provides in-depth, timely and relevant stories and analyses relevant Native Americans.  The lead story profiled in this episode addresses the lack of resolution related to the number of Native women who are reported missing or murdered.

podcast on1 with A Rye
Angela Rye has emerged as a national influencer, and political contributor tor to mainstream news outlets and shows, such as CNN and Bill Maher.  As a part of her Live On 1 with Angela Rye, we hear from Chastity Lord, the COO of the Color of Change, Debra Lee (Chair of BET), Tessa Thompson, and Stephanie Allain. Chair of BET.  Rye and her guests discuss how black women are leading the revolution to advance opportunities for millions who seeking equity and justice.

Confessions of Successful Asian Women, with Aliya explores the challenging issues associated with being a successful Asian woman in the US.  In this episode, we hear from Nancy Hoque, a multipotentialite, with many achievements as an entrepreneur (Sixteen R scarf company), graduate student at Berkeley Haas School of Business, Muslim, mother and Asian woman who has worked in the male-dominated field of engineering.  Aliya and Nancy discuss how to get more girls into STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics).

crossroads with roach brown
Roach Brown hosts Crossroads and runs a program for returning citizens called Inner Visions.  Brown, a returning citizen himself, is a seasoned social justice advocate. His show focuses on issues related to the incarcerated, returning citizens and violence against women and children.  Originally broadcast on WPFW radio in Washington, DC, this episode provides a compelling and passionate report related to the systemic and structural problems associated with the prison-industrial complex in the US and abroad, and other criminal justice matters.

podcast - Codeswitch
The hosts of NPR’s Code Switch provide perspective and information related to the State of Union address delivered by Donald Trump.  They discuss Puerto Rican relief efforts (or the lack thereof), white supremacy, the devolution of civil rights protections at the US Department of Justice.  This episode is as relevant now as it was when the show was produced in January 2018.

podcast - latino USA - NPR
During Black History Month, Janice Llamoca and Jeanne Montalvo Lucar provide candid insights on the issues associated with being both black and Latin, in this episode, Afro-Latinidad: Who Gets to Claim it?  Guests on the show speak truth to power on issues associated with being forced to choose between being black or Latin, “bad hair,” colorism and being called “Negro.”  This prepared to hear a real, controversial, complex, thoughtful and dynamic exchange.