Our Place

by Anita Estell, Esq.

As a nonprofit platform, XXTRA Special and Free provides curated full-length films and videos relevant to women of color. The works we showcase are produced by publicly financed organizations, such as PBS and their partners.  We recognize the need to amplify great work and to connect women of color to information that educates and enlightens. This week, we have three categories: science  and tech, art and theater, and war is real. The presentations are long but can be watched in parts.

The specific works showcased include: (1) Science & Tech — an in-depth report produced by Frontline titled, In the Age of AI. The report acknowledges that “data is the new oil and China is the new Saudia Arabia,” and addresses the impact of machine learning on jobs, loss of privacy and power via surveillance and other challenges;  (2) Art & Theater — the bodacious PBS production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, with a Black cast and that includes moving acting, songs and dance. Presented by Great Performances, the production was recorded live in New York City’s Central Park. Danielle Brooks plays the role of Beatrice; and (3) War is Real For Sama is a gut-wrenching documentary about the war in Syria from the perspective of a mother living on the frontlines with an infant daughter. Director Waad Al-Khateab says the film is a love letter to the children of Syria.  The film documents the devastation associated with airstrikes on Syria hospitals by Russian forces. A must see for women who embrace their role as global citizens.

Artificial Intelligence
In the Age of AI
Image: Much Ado About Nothing
Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing
For Sama