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Obama vs. Trump on Family Separation

By Anita Estell

NY Times Video on Bush, Obama and Trump Administration Policies

News accounts and heads have swirled in response to executive orders issued by President Donald Trump related to immigration.  Between May 5 and June 9 (in less than 30 days) Trump administration officials report that 2,342 children have been separated from 2,206 parents at the US-Mexico border because of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of prosecuting people who cross the border illegally.  Some have questioned how the Trump policy is distinguishable from that of former President Barack Obama

Yes. It is true that former President Barack Obama deported more immigrants than any US president – 2 million deportations over the eight years he was in office.  However, unlike the Trump Administration that has adopted a severe “zero tolerance” policy, family separations were not standard practice for an infraction that is essentially a misdemeanor.  A report by Vox provides comparative detailed information on the nature of the challenges and policies associated with the Obama and Trump administrations.  The US Customs and Boarder Protection chart published by Vox below demonstrates the level of unauthorized immigration under both administrations. It also is important to note that Vox reports the Obama Administration never separated families for a misdemeanor violation.  Typically, minor children were detained when unaccompanied by an adult when entering the US illegally.