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Michelle Obama Leads Charge

Time to Learn How to Team with Michelle Obama to Support ‘When We All Vote’

By Vanessa Williams


Former First Lady Michelle Obama Video Message for WOC

Midterm elections are less than two months away and it is time to get people inspired to vote!

This election season, women of color are showing that we want to see change this fall. Whether by organizing events in our communities or running for political office, we have demonstrated that we will do the work necessary to determine better representation.

To keep up these efforts, former First Lady Michelle Obama has joined with Tom Hanks, Janelle Monae, Chris Paul and other celebrities to encourage people to vote this election season. The campaign, When We All Vote, is hoping to motivate people across the nation to register to vote and assist others in voter registration as well.

The campaign is an effort by the former first lady to encourage voters to participate in all elections “both big and small.” The drive points out the importance of all elections and stresses how critical it is for people to cast their ballots. If you’re looking for a way to get involved and show your support, here are a few ways you can help the When We All Vote campaign.

Register to Vote

One of the main objectives of the When We All Vote campaign is to motivate people to register to vote and participate in the midterm elections this fall. It is typically harder to get people to take part in midterm elections, as they are generally less popular than elections held during presidential election years. However, we must spread the word that all elections are important. These decisions will elect candidates from your local school board all the way to the Senate.  Thus, it is crucial to choose people who can successfully do the job.

To make the process more accessible, many states now allow residents to register to vote online. You can do this by finding your state’s registration website or using the database of an organization such as Vote.org or Rock the Vote. If your state does not offer online registration, you can visit your local county office or DMV to receive instructions on how to register in your area.

Take Action with When We All Vote

From Saturday, September 22 to Saturday, September 29, When We All Vote will celebrate a week of action. During this week, the campaign will be making a huge effort to get people registered to vote before their state’s voter registration deadline. Michelle Obama will be joining the campaign in Las Vegas on September 23 and Miami on September 28 to express the importance of voting in every election. There will be When We All Vote events across the nation and you can sign up to attend an official event near you.

Host a Week of Action Event

Don’t see a When We All Vote event in your area? Well, you can sign up to host an event in your community during the Week of Action. The campaign emphasizes that it needs volunteers like to host events in communities to inspire family, friends, and neighbors to vote. To host an official event, you must register with When We All Vote, and your event will be listed on the website to publicize for others in your area.

It is time to act. We all saw what happened last election season, when people take their votes for granted. It is time to take action and make all votes count. The health and viability of cherished freedoms and our country depend on it.