Hale County This Morning, This Evening

Ramell Ross is simply brilliant. In his highly acclaimed documentary, Hale County This Morning, This Evening, Ross transforms an otherwise mundane, day-in-day-out southern town story into a piece of work that is divine. Ross’s training as a photographer oozes throughout every fiber of the film’s tapestry taking shape that transforms everyday acts often considered ho-hum — sitting on a porch with a fly-swatter, frying chicken — into a spectacular aesthetic that liberates the imagination and soul.Ross moves to Alabama to work with a youth group, and his inspired by the elegance of the shrouded in simplicity. As writer and director, Ross displays disarming and uncanny swag in his humility and regular dude persona. In a video he shares that discusses the film, Ross opens up with a shot of him falling down the stairs after learning he has been invited to the Sundance Film Festival. Clumsy he may be. But, the brother is gifted. Many more invitations to come, no doubt.