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Gloria Richardson

Featured Activist: Gloria Richardson

As we celebrate Black History Month, we take a moment to share stories seldom told of the women warriors in the Civil Rights Movement who made profound contributions to driving lasting change in their communities and nationally. Gloria Richardson, age 96, is one of those women. Born in Cambridge, Maryland to an affluent and successful family, Richardson is known for that famous photo, where a black woman (Richardson) uses her hand to push away a rifle of a white officer. We have selected a copy of clips that provide greater insight to Richardson’s story, and help to ensure we preserve the stories worthy of sharing with our children and future generations. Thank you, Ms. Richardson. And, many thanks to and Amy Goodwin of Democracy Now! for daring to tell important stories that otherwise would go untold.

Below, we share an in-depth interview that first aired in 2013 highlighting how women of the Civil Rights Movement were marginalized. As white women demand equity and justice, this month let us also remember the black women (and other women of color) who also insist on and deserve the same.

gloria richardson
Democracy Now! Interview 2013
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YouTube Freestyle: #SmartBrownGirl