Feature Pick: Dawnland

The debacle related to the separation of families at the southern border of the United States is another installment of an ill-advised policy driven by a cultural mindset that diminishes the value of life based on skin color and geographic origin.  This is not the first time such government-sanctioned family separation policies have been used to advance an agenda abhorrent antithetical to basic rights and truths related to human decency and dignity – not to mention the endowed rights from the Creator as protected under the U.S. Constitution.

Directors: Adam Mazo, Ben Pender-Cudlip
Producers: Adam Mazo, N. Bruce Duthu, J.D.
Executive Producers: Heather Rae, Beth Murphy, Shirley K. Sneve
Director of Photography: Ben Pender-Cudlip
Editor: Kristen Salerno
Composer: Jennifer Kreisberg
Learning Director: Mishy Lesser, Ed.D.
Impact Producer: Tracy Rector
Impact Fellow: Ruth Garby Torres
Senior Advisor: Chris Newell
The case of Native Americans (blacks and other ethnic groups) come to mind.  In one case, the State of Maine attempted to reconcile a decades-long wrong that allowed child welfare authorities to remove Native children from their families to teach them how to be “white.”   The DAWNLAND film team take us behind the scenes to witness the state’s efforts to undue the harms of the past with the establishment of the first “truth and reconciliation commission (TRC)” in the U.S.   Wabaki tribal chiefs invited the film team to document the TRC as a part of an ongoing process of relationship-building and consent affirmation.