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It is no secret. Puerto Rico and its people are suffering and struggling to recover from the devastation attributable to two hurricanes, and mound of pre-existing debt, totaling $70 billion. The recent passage of the GOP tax legislation will make it even more difficult for the island and its people to recover. Under the…(Read More)

If Unaddressed, Tax Plan Provides Formula for Ethnic and Economic Apartheid by 2053 The US Senate passed the tax bill yesterday, and the US House of Representatives passed the bill today, as a revote.  The legislation now goes to President Trump for his signature.  House Speaker Paul Ryan, says passage of the bill is a…(Read More)

By: XXTRA Team The Senate passed its version of the tax bill in the wee hours of the morning on December 1st. The action is an effort to disavow or ignore findings by the Congressional Budget Office, which found the measure will create a $1.4 trillion deficit in a decade, and will hurt the…(Read More)

Did you know that American workers contribute 5 times more in taxes to the federal government than corporations? So why do the president and some elected leaders want to give big companies and their wealthy shareholders more of a tax advantage? We have our thoughts, but think it is a great question for our readers…(Read More)