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stacey abrams

By Waverly Colville, Lily Cusack, Char’Nese Turner, Falyn Page Stacey Abrams an elected leader in Atlanta, Georgia has spent a lifetime blazing trails and preparing to become the CEO of a Southern state. This year may be the year that she realizes a childhood ambition and makes U.S. history as the first black…(Read More)

tarrah cooper

By Falyn Page, Char’Nese Turner, Lily Cusack and Waverly Colville Tarrah Cooper is a Managing Partner at Rise Strategies, and serves on the board of directors for Breakthrough, an urban ministry providing food, housing and other services for impoverished families living in the East Garfield Park Neighborhood of Chicago. We profile her perspective and…(Read More)

While Gil Scott-Heron astutely noted that the revolution will not be televised, the growing popularity of podcasts is creating new avenues of engagement for those involved with social justice.  For instance, an estimated 67 million people listen to podcasts monthly in the US. According to research published by Edison Research and Triton, podcast usage…(Read More)

gloria richardson

Featured Activist: Gloria Richardson As we celebrate Black History Month, we take a moment to share stories seldom told of the women warriors in the Civil Rights Movement who made profound contributions to driving lasting change in their communities and nationally. Gloria Richardson, age 96, is one of those women. Born in Cambridge, Maryland to…(Read More)

Chris Downing

Chris Downing, of Dream Life Media Group (DMG), is our featured artist this month. Chris understands the relevance of coexistence, and embraces opportunities to work across gender and ethnic differences to share stories that portray women of color and our children as strong, powerful and courageous.  Through his insightful work, he demonstrates an uncanny appreciation…(Read More)

Profile - Mignon Clyburn

Recent and ongoing actions by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) undermine programs particularly relevant to women of color. Mignon Clyburn is the first African American woman ever appointed to serve on the Commission, and is waging a warrior’s fight to protect consumers, women and minority-owned businesses and those in need of affordable access…(Read More)