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Time to Learn How to Team with Michelle Obama to Support ‘When We All Vote’ By Vanessa Williams   Former First Lady Michelle Obama Video Message for WOC Midterm elections are less than two months away and it is time to get people inspired to vote! This election season, women of color are showing that…(Read More)

Girls and Babies Infections Are Up Also By Anita Estell Jenny Ottenhoff recently published a compelling piece, AIDS is Still a Crisis for the ONEBlog.  Ottenhoff reports, “New data released last week shows that the world is off track to reach key targets for HIV treatment and prevention by 2020. This puts us dangerously at…(Read More)

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By Vanessa Williams With the United States housing the largest prison population in the world, it is not surprising that the country maintains one of the largest immigration detention systems in the world as well. In 2016, it is estimated that there were nearly 360,000 immigrants detained in over 200 immigration detention centers across…(Read More)

By Vanessa Williams As conversations regarding mental health have seen a rise in recent years, more women of color realize the importance of focusing on our mental well-being. Contrary to what people believe, therapy is not just for people looking to treat mental health conditions. Counseling can help  enhance areas of life that need…(Read More)

Manage Your Mind: Don’t Let Your Mind Manage You! By Keyera Mitchell Editor’s Note: This article is dedicated in memory of Rita Estell, a Black American woman loved by many, and others who have thought about, attempted and committed suicide. Mental illness–which has been deemed as “the white man’s disease” by…(Read More)