Welcome! XXTRA Special & Free is a brand extension of CELIE.  We are the #1 public affairs, media and policy platform created specifically for women of color (WOC) by a WOC and diverse team of creative and professional talent equally comfortable taking it to the streets, capitol hill or the c-suite.  Our coverage provides clear, to-the-point, easy-to-read, unfake information and updates and original content on public policy issues, art/culture and news of interest to WOC.  We do not discriminate.  All are welcome! We invite men, women, white, black, brown, rich, poor, and other persons to join us in profiling and advancing the causes, work products, programs and priorities most relevant to women of color, our children, partners, and the communities where we work, play, pray and live.


Provide an integrated platform of content, connections, insights and programs that accurately educate, inform, profile and positively advance the public affairs and policy interests of women of color.


Create a multiculturally authentic sustainable non-profit public media business model that helps to make the world a much better place for women of color and their children to thrive, prosper, live, and ultimately realize the maximum extent of their God-given potential.


Increase the participation of women of color in public affairs, policy discussions, and in media as owners, contributors, subjects, viewers, beneficiaries and citizens who exercise First Amendment liberties and protections.


To serve as an authentic and culturally relevant messenger and story teller by serving as a voice for the voiceless, shining a light on the unseen, sharing stories often undocumented, and providing programs that promote self-reliance and excellence.