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Little Man provides a compelling animated spoken-word narrative of a young man doing his best to role model and raise a younger brother, “little man,” while juggling the struggles associated with having a crack-addicted mother and being a college student.  We often hear about the challenges low-income students face — usually in terms…(Read More)

Book Review American Prison by Shane Bauer documents many of the atrocities witnessed by the author when he went undercover as reporter to investigate the U.S. private prison complex and to work as a security guard at Winn Correctional Center in Winnfield, Louisiana.  Winn is owned by the Correctional Corporation of America. Bauer who…(Read More)

Ramell Ross is simply brilliant. In his highly acclaimed documentary, Hale County This Morning, This Evening, Ross transforms an otherwise mundane, day-in-day-out southern town story into a piece of work that is divine. Ross’s training as a photographer oozes throughout every fiber of the film’s tapestry taking shape that transforms…(Read More)

Birthing Entrepreneurial Thoughts: 5 Common Steps for Entrepreneurs By Alicia Renee Bob Proctor once said “Do not mistake mental activity for thinking”. As we continue our startup journey, let us make sure we are birthing thoughts on purpose that grow into a business. Women are natural incubators and have the amazing potential to grow what…(Read More)

Kaiser Poll: Women, the 2018 Midterm Elections and Beyond By Anita Estell A report published by the Kaiser Family Foundation notes women will be key drivers of midterm election outcomes.  The report, How Women Voters Could Influence 2018 the Elections and Beyond, concludes “Four in 10 women voters ages 18-44 are ‘more enthusiastic’ to…(Read More)

WABE Discusses Working for Congress with CELIE’s XXSF Summer Interns By XXTRA Staff Freedom Pod: Millennial XXChange – WABE Host of a Closer Look on  90.1 FM in Atlanta takes a look at WOC interns working on Capitol Hill. As a part of a collaborative with Spelman College, CELIE (the Civic Engagement and Leadership…(Read More)

The National Voter Protection Action Fund (NVPAF) is working with a robust team of national partners and advisors to ensure the protection of voters and the votes they cast. Brittney Packnett, NVPAF Advisory Board member and NVPAF Founder Don Calloway launched a compelling video last week. They encourage viewers to contribute $5 to support the…(Read More)

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Time to Learn How to Team with Michelle Obama to Support ‘When We All Vote’ By Vanessa Williams   Former First Lady Michelle Obama Video Message for WOC Midterm elections are less than two months away and it is time to get people inspired to vote! This election season, women of color are showing that…(Read More)