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  Source: USA Today  Winter Olympic snowboarding Grand Dame and phenom, Chloe Kim, returned to her family’s native South Korea as a real US team contender for the gold, and local sensation. Greeted by throngs of South Koreans celebrating her achievement as one of the world’s greatest athletes, Kim acknowledges the relevance…(Read More)

By Vanessa Williams Last November, he Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution published a study concluding that black incomes outpace the national median in 124 majority-black cities. However, these cities are finding it difficult to attract developers and investors for economic development. The study collected data from the 2015 American Community Survey that…(Read More)

By Vanessa Williams As conversations regarding mental health have seen a rise in recent years, more women of color realize the importance of focusing on our mental well-being. Contrary to what people believe, therapy is not just for people looking to treat mental health conditions. Counseling can help  enhance areas of life that need…(Read More)

By Waverly Colville Women of color are becoming an increasingly essential voting block to cultivate. In the 1964 presidential election, only 1 in 20 voters was a woman of color. But by 2012, that number increased to 1 in 6, according to the Bureau of the Census cited by American Progress. America saw it in…(Read More)