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It’s Black History Month and a great way to celebrate it is by reading books by black authors. Whether you decide to read novels from the past, or books recently published, there is a plethora of African American literature that you can enjoy. To celebrate black women, we’ve compiled a list of books…(Read More)

While Gil Scott-Heron astutely noted that the revolution will not be televised, the growing popularity of podcasts is creating new avenues of engagement for those involved with social justice.  For instance, an estimated 67 million people listen to podcasts monthly in the US. According to research published by Edison Research and Triton, podcast usage…(Read More)

Higher Education Diversity: It is Easy to Attract Students of Color to College Campuses, but not as Easy to Retain Them By Falyn Page XXTRA Special & Free Beat: Higher Education Currently, college enrollment rates for students of color are at similar levels to white and Asian students. Although this is a great step from…(Read More)


#BudgetBreakdown: The Trump FY19 HUD Budget Decimates Programs Relevant to Women of Color & the Poor By: Char’Nese Turner Why WOC Care? 14.2 percent cut to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Cuts represent $8.8 billion in potential lost funding Several community development and homeless programs proposed for…(Read More)

gloria richardson

Featured Activist: Gloria Richardson As we celebrate Black History Month, we take a moment to share stories seldom told of the women warriors in the Civil Rights Movement who made profound contributions to driving lasting change in their communities and nationally. Gloria Richardson, age 96, is one of those women. Born in Cambridge, Maryland to…(Read More)

black panther movie trailer

Marvel Studios/Comics has discovered an entertainment model that is magically exciting and extraordinarily profitable, in making the Black Panther movie. Black movie goers and others are excited about dark-skinned super heroes and black women with natural hair starring in every major role. This movie will be a global block-buster, considering the focus…(Read More)

nancy pelosi gives 8 hour speech - DACA

Nancy Pelosi, the 77-year old House Democratic Leader took a historic eight-hour stand on the House floor in support of those who seek the American dream and the preservation of protections included in DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals). In the 300-plus history of the US Congress, it took a woman standing…(Read More)